Artists 2011

  • Immortal (NO)


    Arguably the defining band in terms of extreme metal, Immortal has taken the aesthetics from bands like Kiss and Venom to a whole new level, creating a completely unique way of metal mus …More

  • Mayhem (NO)


    Founders,auteurs, provocateurs, legends. A lot has been said and written about Mayhem over the years, some of it true and some of it not. What can be said today is that without Mayhem the …More

  • Satyricon (NO)

    An integral part of Norwegian Black Metal lore, Satyricon have been one of the hardest working bands in the business ever since their inception in 1990. Touring and releasing relentlessl …More

  • Enslaved (NO)


    Continuously challenging themselves and audiences for twenty years now, Enslaved have branched out from their humble beginnings as a Black/Viking Metal band to their status today, where …More

  • Helheim (NO)

    The Viking metallers of Helheim has been going for years, constantly improving and experimenting with their sound. After signing to german Massacre records, the Norwegians unleashed the sonic onsla …More

  • Archgoat (FI)

    Finally arriving in Bergen, these Finns have been spewing forth blasphemy since 1989, with the legendary “Angelcunt” MLP being one the most notorious underground releases from the early nineties …More

  • Primordial (IE)

    For many years the leaders of the Irish metal scene, these veterans recently released arguably their best album yet with the late-2007 album To «The Nameless Dead», hailed by many critics as albu …More

  • Ghost (SE)

    Who these much talked-about Swedish gentlemen actually are remains a mystery, but their modern-day classic «Opus Eponymous» was probably THE most revered metal/doom-rock album in 2010. In light o …More

  • Marduk (SE)

    These Swedish legends have steamrolled over audiences worldwide for the past twenty years with their relentless Black Metal Panzer Attack, and finally the time has c …More

  • Negative Plane (US)

    USBM is a force to be reckoned with, and no other band backs up this statement as well as New York-outfit Negative Plane. Creating a sensation in the underground with their first album «Et In Saec …More

  • Godflesh (GB)

    We are extremely happy to announce legendary industrial outfit GODFLESH as a part of our festival this year. The band helmed by Justin Broaderick has released several classic albums during their c …More

  • Virus (NO)

    VIRUS has by many been regarded as the natural continuation of the legendary avantgarde metal band Ved Buens Ende. Formed by Carl Michael Eide ( …More

  • Saint Vitus (US)

    Doom metal has gone through somewhat of a revival in recent years, and who better to represent this purest genre of metal at Hole in the Sky 2011 than doom overlords Saint Vitus? Playing nothing …More

  • Devil (NO)

    Norway’s finest purveyors of True Heavy Doom Metal, Devil’s debut EP magister “Mundi Xum” impressed Electric Wizard enough to bring them on tour with them earlier this year. Consisting o …More

  • One Tail,One Head (NO)

    The most fertile breeding ground for Norwegian Black Metal has for some time now been situated i Nidaros, and One Tail, One Head is probably the most promising act out of this scene. Consi …More

  • Black Witchery (US)

    One of the most heinously blasphemous bands ever to desecrate a stage, Floridas Black Witchery will be one HELL of a show. Carrying the torch of the classic bestial Black Metal bands like Blasphemy …More

  • Grand Magus (SE)

    Swedish steel! Having been in the service of Metal for more than ten years now, this Stockholm-based trio released their fifth – and arguably best -album earlier this year.”Hammer of the North” sho …More

  • In Solitude (SE)

    Hailing from what is currently THE metal hotbed in Sweden, Uppsalas In Solitude released their self titled debut album back in 2008. Jam-packed with occult lyrics and classic metal riffs like the s …More

  • Pagan Altar (GB)

    One of the most mysterious and revered bands in the Doom Metal scene ever, we are very proud to present England’s Pagan Altar live in Bergen for the very first time. Having been active since the la …More

  • Mortuary Drape (IT)

    We are immensely proud to present Italian Occult Black Metal legends Mortuary Drape live at Hole In The Sky. Led by drummer/vocalist Wildness Perversion, Mortuary Drape have been active since the m …More