Seminal technical metal pioneers Atheist have regrouped for a run of exclusive live performances and Hole in the Sky is extremely proud of being a part of the adventure. Guitarist/vocalist Kelly Shaefer has reassembled what is widely considered the band’s classic recording lineup (Shaefer. guitarist Rand Burkey. bassist Tony Choy. and drummer Steven Flynn). Atheist has recently had its wildly-influential catalog reissued internationally via Relapse Records. Additionally. “Unquestionable Presence” was recently featured in Decibel magazine as part of its ongoing Hall of Fame feature. The Hall of Fame feature highlights influential and pivotal releases in metal history, and Unquestionable Presence” joins of ranks of previously profiled classics such as Slayers’s “Reign In Blood” and Sepulturas’s “Roots”, now that is something, isn’t it’?