It’s with great pride and joy we can announce what we’ve known since September 2009. Hole in the Sky will be hosting the first Autopsy show in Norway ever. The massively influential San Francisco-based Death Metal pioneers has resurrected to do a few select shows over the course of the summer with Party-San and Hole in the Sky being the European stops.

Autopsy drummer/singer Chris Reifert was a member of legends Death before he, together with Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles, founded Autopsy in 1987. Albums like «Severed Survival» and «Mental Funeral» subsequently made Autopsy one of the most revered Death Metal bands ever, with their downtuned and doomy riffs, memorable artwork and sick lyrics. Playing together for the first time in fifteen years, Hole in the Sky are one of the very few festivals Autopsy will play – be there and witness Death Metal the way it was meant to be.

Comments Autopsy main man Chris Reifert: “Autopsy is pleased to be invading the stage at Hole in the Sky. We are putting 100% of our blood, bones and brains into this band and we are confident that our performance will remind people of how real Death Metal is played.

Thanks to all who have brought us back from the grave. Your dedication will be met with an assault of pure gore soaked brutality. See you then!”