Swedens Burst ran of with the prestigious award “P3 Guld” for Best rock/metal album for their second album, “Origo” othere nominees where The Hellacopters, Grand Magus, Rentokillers and Opeth. Quite an achievement!

These talented swedes has been going for quite some time releasing various vinyls and MCD’s on small labels before Relapse signed the lot after hearing their brilliant album “Prey of Life”. Two years later the phenomenal “Origo” hit the shelves to massive acclaim from fans and the music business. Do you like Neurosis? Dig in, mate.

“BURST have come up with an unexpected classic…truly essential” – KERRANG!

“blistering energy…vast panoramas…immensely powerful and essential” – ROCK SOUND

“an unusually textured exploration of hardcore and NEUROSIS-esque atmospherics” – TERRORIZER

“sophisticated, cosmic and doomy…alternately dark and stratospheric…amazing” – METAL HAMMER

Sweden’s brightest metal hopefuls BURST plow headlong into eternity with their sophomore effort Origo. With flowing grace and force of conviction, Origo’s lush layers of sound crush and caress in equal measure. Fragile, melodic vocals intertwine with explosive screams, while waves of guitar weave songs as expressive and elaborate as human emotion itself. Origo is BURST’s masterwork of complex, commanding music.

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