Accreditation for all press, photo, and partners

Please note that we only have limited press accreditatons for the club dates (24. – 25th of August), so we advice you to get tickets if you want to attend those days.

Photo passes: For security reasons we have limited photo passes, but all press will be provided with professional photos from the festival if needed.

The accreditation for Hole In The Sky 2011 ended on June 15th

Any questions should be directed to our press manager, Martin Kvam.


Do you want to work at Hole in the Sky 2011? Klick the link below and send in you application.

Booking Inquiries

Please do not send promo packages via mail, do not send large attachments via mail and please do not make first-time inquiries by phone.

We ask that you respect our working methods, which consist of approaching interesting artists on our own initiative – sometimes via links received via mail, of course (Myspace pages, streamings etc).