April 28. 2011

We have the pleasure of announcing a Hole in the Sky kick-off set to take place at the Garage club on May 6th. We will reveal the full line-up for The Last Supper. You will also have the chance of winning a festival pass, and doomsters Solstorm and young thrash heroes Cockroach Agenda will perform live at the event.

But while we have your attention, we thought we should give you some more heavy metal in the same go. We’re very pleased to announce the finest breed of the genre, Sweden’s Grand Magus and In Solitude, together with legendary UK-band, Pagan Altar.

Grand Magus

Swedish steel! Having been in the service of Metal for more than ten years now, this Stockholm-based trio released their fifth – and arguably best -album earlier this year.”Hammer of the North” showcases what Grand Magus is all about, riffs in the tradition of Sabbath and Priest and pagan, anti-Christian lyrics in honor of the one and only Bathory. A band with a very strong live reputation, Hole in the Sky are proud to present Grand Magus in Bergen for the first time.

In Solitude

Hailing from what is currently THE metal hotbed in Sweden, Uppsalas In Solitude released their self titled debut album back in 2008. Jam-packed with occult lyrics and classic metal riffs like the second coming of Mercyful Fate, this album secured the quintet a label contract with none other than Metal Blade Records, who are soon to release In Solitude’s sophomore album “The World. The Flesh. The Devil”. The Swedish Metal scene is as strong as ever – In Solitude are living proof of this.

Pagan Altar

One of the most mysterious and revered bands in the Doom Metal scene ever, we are very proud to present England’s Pagan Altar live in Bergen for the very first time. Having been active since the late seventies, when there were no “Doom”-scene to speak of, Pagan Altar first ceased activities in the early eighties. The band reformed in 2004 and have carried on since, releasing two fantastic albums alongside splits and EPs. This will be more than a live performance – this will be a ritual.