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Ticket Update: Last Call Weekend Passes And Saturday-Tickets

May 31. 2011

The final Hole in the Sky festival is heading for a record fast sell out. Both Club passes and day-tickets for the Wednesday and Thursday has been sold out for a while and now there is only a very limited amount of weekend-passes and Saturday-tickets left. So if you want to secure a ticket for The Last Supper, you need to act quickly.

Comments the organizers:
We’ve never experienced this kind of demand in the previous years. The fastest sell out up until now was by the end of July and we’re not even in June yet with only a handful of tickets still available. Not only that, this is the largest number of tickets we’ve had on sale too. Needless to say the anticipation is great and we’re confident that it will be a spectacular finale. Can’t wait to see everybody in August.

Weekend pass (Friday+Saturday) – NOK 885,-

USF Verftet, 27-08-2011 17:00 – NOK 495,-

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